Rivers are paths that walk and carry where we want to go
Pascal, Thoughts 1.17

Viviane Colautti meets painting as if by necessity. At the turn of a hectic route.
Course in freedom, it is in Saint-Louis in Senegal that she discovers the light and its mystery, the pleasure of doing…
First personal exhibition at the French Cultural Center.
Passionate autodidact, she has never stopped moving forward. Daring the steep paths.
She is a self-taught artist and has participated in various workshops with paper artists. She has also conducted her own research in the field of fibres.
The line is refined, the shape is structured, the commitment becomes more demanding. We think we are touching the truth of Viviane Colautti-Ivanova, but are we not simply referred to our Own Truth?
Jerome Traverse


For a number of years, I have been developing my artistic expression with numerous supports, then, as the fibers revealed themselves to me, it quickly became an obvious choice in terms of my artistic expression.

In order to fabricate layers which evolve into the medium, I collect plants in their natural environment which is a close spiritual endeavour. The transformed fibers, give way to my sensibilities as a mean to express lightness and power, and the fibers are also like writing in space… Each plant has got its own way of expression, and its own language ; experience never stops in searching new language, but sometimes most important is to go thoroughly into fiber’s knowledge.

Fibers decide of the work to create, osmosis between soul and nature. I try to achieve transparency… to reach the « world behind… ». Particularly in « INDICIBLE », the various paper, very light, are surperpimposed to create depth and unknown world. Ink and typographie are part of the process. Engraving technics, densify and unify the various fabrics.

Fibers sometimes impulse me in others representation, like sculptures, with strong feeling, like if I was Fiber myself… fibers decide.

Without premeditation, my emerging work is a bonding of layers which comes to life through various emotions. The relations between the work and the original elements are always surprising and wonderful, leading towards unchartered territory.

My role is to transmit through my infinite visual and spiritual language our connection to the natural world and to the cosmos…

We are « communicators ».

Collective exhibitions

– Postal Artist Book” exhibition, “letters around the world” travels to Europe, at the Basel Paper Museum in Switzerland until April 2, 2023
– Selection for the 14th Portfolio, handmade paper works, prestigious American publishing house, Hand Papermaking, specialized in Paper Art, on the theme “the language of color

– International Biennial Paper Fiber Art, NTCRI Nantou Caotun Taiwan
– after Sao Paulo, the Postal Artist Book Exhibition “Letters around the world” travels to Ecuador.

– IAPMA Congress and Exhibition in Toyota City Japan
– IAPMA International Exhibition, Origins and Destination, Denmark, Spain
– Postal Artist Book Exhibition, Sao Paulo Brazil
– International Paper Triennial, Global Paper, Deggendorf Germany
– International Biennial Paper Fiber Art, NTCRI Nantou Caotun Taiwan
– International Exhibition Paper Art Biennale Feasts on Paper Shanghai China

– Artist residency and exhibition in Imadate, Echizen (Japan)
– IAPMA congress and exhibition in Toyota City (Japan)
– International Association of Paper Makers & Artists « Letters for future » UNESCO City of Media Art, Poly gallery Karlsruhe (Germany)
– « Papier-unARTigII » Paper Mill Homburg/Main (Germany)

– International Paper Art Biennial at Fengxian Museum, Shanghai (China)
– Artist residency at Middelste Mill in Loenen (Nertherlands)
– Paper Art exhibition at MAMA, Marseille (France)

– International Biennial for Paper at Rijswijk Museum (Netherlands)
– Paper Art Fair, Sofia (Bulgaria)
– Exhibition Du papier à l’œuvre, Sanary sur Mer (France)
– From Lausanne to Beijing, International Biennial for Paper & Fibre, Tsinghua University Art Museum Beijing (China)

– Triennale Internationale Papier, Musée de Charmey (Switzerland)
– Balade en Guarrigue Art Papier Nîmes (France)
– ECO Sublime, International Biennial for Paper & Fibre at National Taiwan Craft Research and Developpement Institute, Nantou (Taiwan)
– First Shanghai International Paper Art Exhibition, Feasts on Paper Fengxian Library (China)

– International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art in Taipei (Taiwan)
– Biennale des Arts des Fibres et du Papier Villa Dutoit in Geneva (Switzerland)
– IAPMA 30th Year, Nature Diversity and Art of Paper, Centro Cultural Brasilia (Brasil)
– From Lausanne to Beijing, International Biennial for Paper & Fibre, Guan Shan Art Museum Schenzen (China)
– The Art of Paper, Art Center Park District in Guangzhou (China)

– International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art (England)
– AMATERAS Art Papier Sofia (Bulgaria)
– Paper Art Fest Sofia (Bulgaria)
– Pulp and Fiction in Beer Sheva Negev Museum (Israel)
– Biennale des Arts des Fibres et du Papier à Lasalle (France)
– ARTEVA Les Arts Papiers in Nantes (France)
– International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art (Taiwan)
– Workshop Ouvre Toi Act Art, IAPMA in Geneva (Switzerland)

– AMATERAS Art Papier in Sofia (Bulgaria)
– 100 et Quelques Autres – Villa Dutoit (Switzerland)
– Chaine de papier « Venise » Espace Van Gogh in Arles (France)
– IAPMA members exhibition in Fabriano (Italy)

– The Art and Soul of Paper in Norwich (England)
– Cité Senior in Geneva (Switzerland)
– Desert in Bloom Biennale in Beer Sheva (Israel)
– Workshop Ouvre Toi Act Art, IAPMA in Geneva (Switzerland)
– Villa Dutoit in Genève (Switzerland)

– Artist residency of Ifitry in Marocco
– 1ère Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Casablanca (Marocco)
– Biennal d’Art de San Pere de Riudebittles (Spain)

– Triennale Internationale de Papier in Charmey (Suisse)

– Permanent exhibition at Solstice gallery in Yvoire (France)

– French Grand Prix of Plastic Arts
– First prize on the theme of Ravel’s Bolero

– Salon d’Art Contemporain d’Argentière
– French Grand Prix of Plastic Arts in Conciergerie in Paris (France)

– Salon d’Argentière (France)

– Salon d’Aix-les-Bains et Salon de Printemps d’Avon (France)

Personal exhibitions

– Exhibition in the Abbaye romane d’Alspach-Kaysesberg in Alsace

– Exhibition in Maison du Pays de Voltaire, Ferney Voltaire (France)

– Exhibition in Chamonix Tourist Office 

– Exhibition in « Villa le Chêne » at the Botanical Garden of Geneva (Switzerland)

– Exhibition in Salle Michel Croz in Chamonix 

– Exhibition in MJC of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains 

– Exhibition in « Maison de la Montagne » in Chamonix 

– Exhibition in Valgelas gallery in Annonay (France)

– Exhibition in Château d’Aubonne (Switzerland)

– 1st personal exhibition at Centre Culturel Français of Saint-Louis (Senegal)

Organisations, Artist residencies & Interventions

– Paper artist residency at the Middelste Mill in Loenen (Netherlands)
– Workshop Ouvre-toi Act Art Geneva (Switzerland)

– Artist residency of Ifitry (Morocco)
– Artist residency with Marie Jeanne Lorenté
– Member of the Act Art Association, Geneva federations of artists’ associations related to the visual arts (Switzerland)

– Training in engraving and Chines Collés
– Work at the Parly Engraving Center “Métairie La Bruyère” in Auxerre (France)
– Member of Gegrave: Geneva engraving workshop (Switzerland)

– Paper work with renowned artists and personal research

– Visual arts animation in preschools and primary schools in Chamonix (France)

– Artistic production of shows (sets, costumes, posters) for the gestural theater group of the MJC of Chamonix (France)

– Member of Maison des Artistes in Paris

Prizes & Awards

Excellent Award for my 3 works “Le Bal”, “Prince des Rêves”, “Espoir”, at the International Biennial “Fiber art Biennale, from Lausanne to Beijing” (China)

Certificates for the superior quality of the 3 exhibited works, AMATERAS, Paper Art Fest, Sofia (Bulgaria)

1st Jury Prize for my work on the silk textile support, on the theme of Ravel’s Bolero, Salon ARTISAT Grenoble (France)